White House Photo from the Reagan presidency

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Here is a poignant and magnificent Official White House Photo from the Reagan presidency. From 25 through 28 May, l984, the coffin of the Vietnam Unknown Soldier was displayed in the United States Capitol Rotunda. After the viewing the coffin was interred in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. This photo shows President Reagan standing at attention and saluting. This photo is very unusual, in that it was enlarged and mounted on a backing board in the White House Photo Laboratory. It was done this way so that President Reagan could personally present it as a gift. The overall size is approximately 19″ X 23.” On the back is stamped “Official Photograph The White House Washington, DC.” The date and the number of the photograph are also noted on the back of the photo. President Reagan has signed boldly. There are a couple of slight scratches on the surface, that do not detract from the overall condition. There are also a couple of small cuts on the edges that will be completely covered when the photo is framed. Overall, the photo is in excellent condition, and will frame beautifully