Sterling Silver Army Sharpshooters Badge

Price Not Announced

Here is an extraordinarily gruesome and macabre item from the FJK assassination era. I have no idea from whence it came, or what the history of it is. I will simply describe it and let you come to your own conclusions. It is a Sterling Silver Army Sharpshooters Badge. At the bottom of the badge are the letters CIA. There is a rifle rating badge suspended beneath the medal. At the top of the medal is a round disc with the bust of President Kennedy on one side. There is a large and pronounced bullet hole above the right eye. At the top of the disc are the words “John Fitzgerald Kennedy”. At the bottom of the disc are the words “1917 Our 35th President 1963″. The back of the desk bears the wording “Our goal is not the victory of might, but the vindication of right JFK.” The detail work on the JFK bust is exquisite. Both the disc and the medal are marked Sterling. Both pieces are in excellent condition. This is a must have for the conspiracy theorist and or the history buff interested in the assassination of President Kennedy.