JFK’s Bill Signer Fountain Pen

Price Not Announced

A Very rare J. F. K. Bill Signer Fountain Pen. These pens were specially designed for him, conforming to his writing specifications and were used by the President to sign landmark laws throughout his term. This is he style of pen used to sign the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, the treaty that signified the beginning of the end of the Cold War. The pen is an Esterbrook (a company which is now out of business) It has a black barrel and a clear Lucite top. Etched in white on the top are the words “The President-The White House”. This is a rare memento from the Kennedy White House and is much sought after by pen and Kennedy collectors. A collection of 15 of these Kennedy pens used in bill signing sold for $42,500 at the Guernsey’s auction of J. F. K. memorabilia in March of 1998. This pen is in pristine condition and comes complete with its original box.