JFK’s Personal Chess Set

Price Not Announced

Here is a magnificent and one of a kind Chess Set owned and used by President Kennedy. The set was a hand made gift to President Kennedy by one of his close friends and major supporters. The set is made of rare wood. The chess board itself is made of hand cut squares of black and brown crocodile hide. The pieces are made of solid Ebony and Ivory.  Beneath the board is a section in which the Chess pieces nest. Beneath that section is a hidden compartment.  There are handles on two sides of the set. On one side of the set is an inset 3″ gold plated Presidential Seal. Beneath the Seal is inset John Kennedy’s engraved name plate.  A letter from Evelyn Lincoln accompanies the set.  It was sent after the assassination of President Kennedy.  In the letter Mrs. Lincoln thanks the giver and tells him that JFK would want him to have the set back, as both he and the president were avid Chess players.  This item came from the Estate of Peter Lawford.  Lawford was married to JFK’s sister Pat, and was a close friend and confidant of the president.