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Bill Clinton’s Custom Made Titleist Presidential Seal Golf Clubs

Price Not Announced

Here is a rare and one of a kind Presidential Golf Club Set made by Titleist. The clubs were made and sized to President Clinton exact specifications. There are 17 Clubs in the set. They are all top of the line Titleist Clubs. The clubs are leather wrapped, and feature President Clinton’s Engraved signature on each club. The Bag is made of the highest quality blue leather. There is a very large, full color Presidential Seal embroidered on the bag. President Clinton’s name is also embroidered on the bag. The bag contains several zipper pockets for golf accessories. The bag cover and carry straps are also blue leather. There is also a separate blue leather small accessory zip bag, bearing a full color, embroidered Presidential Seal. There are eight leather numbered head covers that are also made in blue leather. There are one dozen Titleist golf balls. They come three to a box, and four boxes are included. Each individual ball comes in a separate box, and bear a printed Presidential Seal and signature. There is also a Cabretta Leather golf club that accompanies the set. There is a embroidered Presidential Seal on the glove. There is also a black carry bag made of ballistic material. It also bears a large and full color embroidered Presidential Seal. The entire set is in pristine condition.


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