1951 Truman Christmas Card from the Blair House

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1951 Colored Truman Card. Here is absolutely the rarest of the large Presidential Christmas Cards. This 1951 Card depicts the Blair House, which was the temporary home of President and Mrs. Truman during the White House restoration. Beneath the picture is the verbiage “Blair House—Temporary house of the President during the reconstruction of the White House 1948-1954 as well as “Christmas Greetings from the President and Mrs. Truman 1951.” There is a raised Gold Presidential Seal in the left corner. The Army Signal Corps shot the photo and the Government Printing Office printed it. President Truman was known as a very thrifty soul, and the black and white Christmas Cards cost $90.00 for one thousand. It is not known how many of the black and white cards were given out. The color card cost $2.00 and very few were printed in 1951. My research tell me that less than ten were made. This is the only colored 1951 Christmas Card that I have ever seen or owned in fifty years of collecting Presidential Christmas Cards. The card was previously framed and was removed, as the frame had seen better days. It would re-frame beautifully. It is in excellent shape for a card that is over 50 years old. There is a slight crease that runs through the word Christmas, and there are small marks in the gold Presidential Seal. The card came from the Estate of President Truman’s friend and personal chauffeur Wayman Mc Garrah. Mr. Mc Garrah also served as chauffeur for President Eisenhower.