Autographed Political Photos

  • Carter and Pope

    President Carter and the Pope

  • CourtFramed

    Copy of Supreme Court/Reagan Photo

  • IkePhotoandCut

    Ike Photo and Cut

  • 1

    Official White House Photo dated on 20 January 1973

  • Carter Camp David Photo

    Official White House Photo of two World Leaders

  • ReaganPhotoShultz1

    Official White House Photo from the Reagan White House

  • 1

    Ronald Reagan Presidential Oath

  • 1

    White House Photo from the Reagan presidency

  • 1

    George Bush Senior Signature and Salutation

  • 1

    Signed Photo of Bill Clinton riding Horse

  • JFKNixonPhoto

    Rare JFK and Nixon Debate Photo

  • PhotoWHVPs

    5 Vice President Signatures Photo

  • AF1OldSignedPhotoBW

    Eisenhower’s Aircraft over the Whitehouse