Autographed Political Memorabilia

  • JFK_Lawford_Photo

    President Kennedy Gift and Signed Note with Picture

  • LandGrantMF1

    Land Grant

  • FDRSignedLetterFramed

    FDR Signed Letter

  • order

    Truman Signed Order

  • TrumanSignedCertA

    Truman Signed Certificate

  • JFKCert8th

    JFK Signed Certificate

  • JFKSignedCertA

    JFK Presidential Appointment of Michael Stern

  • nixoninvite

    Formal Inaugural Invitation

  • nixon1

    1969 Inaugural Address of Richard Nixon

  • ChinaSigCupandSaucerNixon

    Nixon Cup and Saucer

  • PNixon

    Pat Nixon Framed Autograph and Picture

  • NixonMenu1

    Nixon Menu Salutation

  • Nixon_Haloween

    Nixon Trick or Treat Gift

  • FordLetter1

    Gerald Ford Remarks on JFK Assassination

  • FordSigOaths

    Ford Remarks

  • FordSpeach1974

    Ford Speech

  • ReaganSignedHMx1FlightCert

    Reagan Flight Certificate

  • ReaganSignedAFFlightCert

    Reagan Flight Certificate (2)

  • ReaganAmericaPoster1

    Reagan Presidential Campaign Posters

  • ReaganGolfBallSigned

    Reagan Golf Ball

  • ReaganAmericaPoster1

    Ronald Reagan Presidential Poster Collection

  • 1

    Reagan Presidential Proclamation

  • 1

    Reagan Train Certificate

  • GBBullP

    1992 Republican National Convention Poster

  • GBStateofthUnion

    State of the Union Address signed by President Bush

  • 1

    Dedication Program for the Clinton Presidential Library

  • ClintonSignedFramedItem

    Hand Signed Bill Clinton Inaugural Poster

  • ClintonSignedFramedItem

    Louisiana purchase Plaque

  • 1

    George W. Bush’s Inaugural Addresses

  • 1

    Reagan and Bush signed invitation

  • GuitarPresidentialSigned1

    President Ford Guitar

  • MultiSigOnSealPaper

    Mulitple Signatures on Seal Paper

  • SpaceprintAmericasChallenge1

    Space Sprint Plaque

  • SpaceprintEarthrise1

    Space Race Moon Rise