Jimmy Carter

  • Carter and Pope

    President Carter and the Pope

  • Carter Camp David Photo

    Official White House Photo of two World Leaders

  • JC_Photo

    Framed Jimmy Carter Photo

  • PeanutOne1

    Rare Jimmy Carter Gift

  • CarterSilverMedal

    Silver Inaugural Medal

  • CarterCrystalIng

    Jimmy Carter Crystal

  • JCAF1P

    Crystal Candy Dish

  • JC_Bookmark1

    Carter Presidential Gift Bookmark

  • CarterPresidentialScholar

    Carter Presidential Scholar Medal

  • CarterBoxedPen

    Carter Boxed Pen

  • CarterGreenBoxedPen

    Green Boxed Pen

  • CarterIngPlatform1

    Inaugural Wall Plaque

  • AF1CarterAshtray1

    Carter Era Air Force One Pewter Ashtray

  • CarterPenutAshtray

    Carter Peanut Ashtray

  • CarterPewter

    Carter Pewter Statue