John F. Kennedy Memorabilia

  • JFKChessSeta

    JFK’s Personal Chess Set

  • JFKNixonPhoto

    Rare JFK and Nixon Debate Photo

  • card1

    1961 JFK Christmas Card from first year as President

  • JFK GOLD PT Tie Cliip

    JFK’s 14K Solid Gold PT 109 Personal Gift

  • FlareGun

    Flare Gun from JFK’s PT 109

  • JFK14kCufflinksOutsideBox

    Pair of JFK’s 14K Solid Yellow Gold Cufflinks

  • JFKSterlingSenateCufflinks1

    JFK’s Sterling Senate Cufflinks

  • JFKPen

    JFK’s Bill Signer Fountain Pen

  • Copy of JFK Solid Gold Pen2

    JFK’s Solid 14K Gold Fountain Pen

  • JFKHair1

    A Lock of JFK’s Hair

  • JFK_Sterling

    JFK Sterling Silver Gift Medal

  • Dani 101012 358

    Jacqueline Kennedy’s Solid 14K Gold Lipstick Holder

  • TedTiffanyCup

    Tiffany Cup

  • JFKLastDinnerInvitePLE3

    JFK’s Signed Official Dinner Program from 22 November 1963

  • JFK Funeral Pictures 1

    JFK’s Official White House Lying in State Photograph

  • Longo2

    JFK and His Brothers and the Hawk by Aldo Luongo

  • WHCoata

    JFK’s Formal Military Aide’s Mess Dress Jacket

  • BadgeWhiteHousePoliceHonorary

    JFK Era Honorary White House Police Badge

  • BadgeJFKWHPolice

    JFK Era White House Police Badge

  • Dani 101012 368

    Jacqueline Kennedy’s Rare Gold Compact

  • SealCongress

    JFK’s Metal Congressional Seal from his office.

  • JFKdisk

    JFK’s Personal Gift To The Democratic Delegate at the 1960 Convention

  • JFKBoxSmall

    JFK Beautiful Burl Wood Box

  • JFKMatchbook1

    Official JFK White House Matchbook

  • jfkpaperweight39a

    JFK Crystal Paperweight

  • ashtray38a

    Kennedy Lead Crystal Ashtray

  • JFKBronzeMask

    Bronze JFK Mask

  • JFKGolfBallBook

    JFK’s Rare Golf Gift to Friends

  • JFKGolfMarkers1

    Kennedy Sterling Silver Golf Ball Markers

  • Ducks in a Pound

    JFK 1961 White House Christmas Card

  • JFK 1962 Christmas Card 1

    JFK 1962 White House Christmas Card

  • JFK Xmas Card 1963 a

    1963 JFK Christmas Card

  • JFKSmallSterlingMedal

    JFK Rare Solid Sterling Silver Inaugural Medal

  • JFKMedal

    JFK’s Rare 1961 Inaugural Bronze Medal

  • JFKMedalR

    President Kennedy’s Solid Sterling Silver Inaugural Medal.

  • JFKMedalSmall

    Solid Gold JFK Medal

  • JFK5PMedal1

    JFK 4 assassinated Presidents Medal

  • IngBallCharm1961a

    Kennedy Johnson Inaguration Medal

  • RobertKMedal

    Robert Kennedy Medal comemorating his life

  • JFKLargeGovPhoto

    Large JFK Photo as President

  • JFK Sticker

    1960 JFK Campaign Sticker

  • JFK Ballot

    JFK 1960 Sample Ballot

  • JFKCoinCuffliks

    JFK Sterling Silver Cufflinks

  • JFKIrishLinen

    JFK Linen Tapestry from his Trip to Ireland

  • JFKStelingAshtray

    JFK Sterling Silver Ashtray from the White House

  • JFKIvoryCam

    Kennedy Carved Ivory Bust

  • JFKPipe5

    JFK Mastercraft Pipe with Case

  • JFKBookEnds

    JFK Bronze Busts

  • JFKMedal

    Sterling Silver Army Sharpshooters Badge

  • MrsKennedyDoc1

    Jackie Kennedy Shopping Receipt

  • MrsKennedyDoc2

    Jacqueline Kennedy Receipt for childrens items

  • MrsKennedyDoc3

    Here is a receipt for Jacqueline Kennedy for childrens clothing

  • MrsKennedyDoc4

    Here is a Jacqueline Kennedy Receipt for clothing for her children

  • Stationary

    White House Receipt from Jacqueline Kennedy.

  • JFKCertApril62a

    JFK 1962 Presidential Proclamtion from

  • KennedyCrystalGlass

    JFK Crystal Glass

  • Dani 101012 352

    Jacqueline Kennedy’s Compact

  • Dani 101012 376

    JFK’s personally owned and worn Sterling Silver Cufflinks

  • $(KGrHqJ,!hwE2JRTpTv)BNs68IqDdg~~_3

    JFK’s Ship Captains Writing Box with Hidden Compartment

  • 417

    Kennedy Lighter

  • 422

    Kennedy Lighter