• RingWestPoint

    Solid Gold West Point Class Ring

  • RingGoldKC

    Solid Gold Kentucky Colonel’s Ring

  • RingMD.146

    Infinity Diamond Platinum Ring

  • RingMD.140g

    Ladies Platinum and Diamond Ring

  • RingBlueDiamond1

    Blue Diamond (Green) on Gold Band

  • GolDRingPink

    Purple Gem on Gold Band

  • RingD.208a

    Diamond on Gold Band

  • RingD.076

    Engagement Ring with Diamond Solitaire

  • DiamondMensRing

    14K Gold and Diamond Cluster Ring

  • 104

    Burmese Cabochan Ruby Center-Stone

  • RingYellowGoldGringOvalStoneB

    Solid Gold and Jade Ring

  • TurquioseRing

    Solid Gold Turqoise Ring

  • RingGoldHorseShoe

    HorseShoe Ring with 12 White Diamonds

  • RingGoldNuggetwithDiamonds

    Gold and Diamond Clump Ring

  • Flat Link 14K Gold Bracelet1

    14K solid gold bracelet with a hidden clasp

  • GoldBraclet.88B

    Gold Bracelet

  • GolodBraceltRolexLook

    Almost Pure Gold Bracelet

  • DiamondBraclet

    Diamond Bracelet

  • necklacegoldkips

    Gold Link Necklace

  • necklacegoldkwithbeeds

    Gold Link Necklace 2

  • necklacegoldsquare

    Gold Link Necklace 3

  • necklacegoldfig

    Gold Rope Necklace

  • NecklaceBow

    Gold Necklace with Diamond Tie

  • GoldandDiamondTag

    Gold and Diamond Ladies Tag

  • NuggetDiamondPendant

    14 karat solid yellow gold nugget charm

  • GoldDPendant.112b

    Gold Pendant Round

  • GoldPendantPillBox

    Gold Pill Box

  • GoldLocket

    Gold Locket

  • GoldGuitar

    Gold Guitar Charm

  • LionClaw14K

    Lion Claw in 14k Gold

  • WhalesToothPendant

    Whales Tooth set in 14k

  • GoldPendantEgalGreen

    Gold Eagle Pendant

  • Gold Elephan Pendant 3d

    Gold Elephant Pendant

  • Gold Elephan Pendant Small

    Gold Elephant Pendant 2

  • GoldMoneyClipGuitar

    Gold Guitar Money Clip

  • CollerTabsElephant

    Custom Made Pair of Solid 14K Gold Collar Tabs

  • ElephantBraceletandrings

    Elephant Hair and Bracelet

  • GoldBadgePFD1

    Gold Badge

  • BWingsPin

    Gold B with Wings

  • Cufflinks14kNuget

    Gold Chunk Cufflinks

  • HartMoneyClip

    Gold Heart MoneyClip

  • GoldGolfMoneyClip1

    Gold Golf Ball Tie Bar

  • BuckleBack

    Buckle and Tie Tack/Lapel Pin

  • GoldSword

    Sword Shaped Letter Opener

  • GoldHook

    Solid Gold Button Hook

  • RingCut.196b

    Gold Cut Ring

  • RingGoldSchool.678

    Gold School Ring

  • GoldRingNoStone.040

    Gold Ring no Stone

  • GoldDSCN5467

    Gold Chain and Charms

  • BracletLargeSterling

    Sapphire and Sterling Silver Bracelet

  • BracletSmallSterling

    Sterling Silver Bracelet with 165 Sapphires

  • Belt Buckle Gold 3 Turk Stones

    Gold over Sterling Silver belt buckle

  • BeltBuckleSterlingandTurk

    Sterling Silver Belt Buckle

  • Belt buckle Sterling Shooting

    Sterling Silver Shooting Belt Buckle

  • Belt buckle Sterling Alligator1

    Alligator Sterling Belt Buckle

  • Belt Buckle Large Elephant Silver

    Sterling Elephant Belt Buckle

  • BeltBuckleelephantGoldRubyEyes

    Gold Elephant with Ruby Eyes Belt Buckle

  • PocketWatchFlat

    Gold Pocket Watch

  • WatchDelaneau

    DeLaneau 18K gold Chronograph

  • WatchDiamondLocman

    Locman Watch

  • WatchIce

    Aqua Ice Watch

  • WatchCorumStainlessandRubber1

    Corum Stainless and Rubber Watch

  • PapalMedal

    Papal Medal

  • GreekJewelryGoldCuff

    Greek Gold Golf Cufflinks

  • GreekJewelryGoldPin

    Greek Gold Pin

  • GreekJewelryCuff

    Greek Gold Cufflinks 2

  • GreekJewelrySP

    Greek Gold Lapel Pin 2

  • GreekJewelryPin

    Greek Gold Pin


    Onyx Opal Butterfly Pendant

  • 621301_443295325733132_955527478_o

    Solid Opal Heart 8.09cts

  • OpalEarings

    Opal Earrings

  • LargeFlatOpal

    Australian Opal from Mintabe

  • Emerald3004a

    Medium Round Emerald

  • Elephant.286

    Crystal Elephant Pendant

  • KeyPalmSprings

    Gold Mayor Key

  • KnifeSetwithWhite

    Pendant Knife

  • Dani 101012 267

    Mens Diamond Cluster Ring

  • Dani 101012 280

    Mens Gold Diamond Ring

  • Dani 101012 294

    Australian Opal Heart Pendant

  • Dani 101012 300

    Opal Pendant of Horses Head in 14K Gold

  • Dani 101012 304

    Opal Koala Pendant in 14K

  • Dani 101012 383

    Breitling Multi Function Emergency Watch

  • 615518_442924635770201_1212025288_o

    Channel Set Sapphire Ring

  • 621301_443295312399800_806296289_o

    14 Green/Blue Diamonds

  • 004

    Miners Ring