Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorabilia

  • FDRAwardFront

    President Franklin Roosevelt Award

  • FDRBibleinBox2

    F.D.R Bible in Box

  • FDRBell5

    F.D.R World WarTwo Bell made from metal from downed German Aircraft.

  • FDRSmallSterlingMedal2

    F.D.R Solid Sterling Silver 1933 Inaugural Medal

  • PinFDR

    F.D.R Pin

  • FDRHolder2

    F.D.R Amber Cigar Holder with Sterling Silver Case

  • FDR_Letter

    F.D.R Personal Letter to a friend

  • FDRBeerGlass5

    F.D.R Beer Stein

  • FDRFramedCertA2

    F.D.R Framed Certificate

  • PresidentialArmBand

    FDR Presidential Arm Band

  • FDRGlassDisk

    F.D.R Glass Paperweight

  • FDRService

    F.D.R Memorial Invitation to Toi Bachelder

  • FDRHolderA4

    F.D.R Cigarette Holder and Case

  • FDRLetterOpener2

    F.D.R Sterling Silver File/Knife

  • LandGrantRoosevelt

    Roosevelt Land Grant

  • WHCorrAss1944

    Correspondence Association Card

  • XmasCardMrsFDR19447

    1947 Christmas Card

  • XmasCardMrsFDR1956

    1956 Christmas Card

  • FDRSmallBronze

    F.D.R Small Brass Paperweight

  • FDRGoldCard

    F.D.R Gold Card

  • BibleFDRBlack2

    F.D.R Signed Bible

  • RooseveltArrowAshtray

    F.D.R Copper Ashtray

  • Dani 101012 372

    1932 Roosevelt Christmas Gift to Eleanor

  • Dani 101012 362

    Roosevelt Solid Gold Cigarette Case

  • $(KGrHqJHJFEFENLH6B43BRJFfSzc5!~~60_57

    FDR Solid Sterling Silver Birthday Gift Bowl