Clinton Memorabilia

  • BCMnM

    Clinton M&M’s

  • 1

    Signed Photo of Bill Clinton riding Horse

  • GWBCandy

    Box of Whitman’s Chocolates

  • PresidentialCigars1

    Tube of 4 Corona Cigars

  • BadgeClinton19993MetroPolice

    Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Inaugural Badge

  • ClintonWoodBoxCandyGift2

    Clinton Wooden Box

  • BCGolfsetBagClose

    Presidential Presentation Golf Set

  • ClintonGolfShoeSet

    Clinton Golf Shoe Set

  • BCgolfball

    Bill Clinton Presidential Seal Golf Ball

  • BCGolBallBoxof3

    Bill Clinton Boxed Golf Ball Set

  • BadgeClinton1993CapPoliceStara

    1993 Inauguration Badge

  • BadgeClinton1993MetroPolice

    1993 Inauguration Badge

  • CufflinksBCSterling

    Clinton Sterling Cufflinks

  • VIPBCBack

    VIP Cobalt Cufflinks

  • BC Color First Term Cufflinks

    Clinton Cufflinks, Tie Bar, & Lapel Pin

  • BCCardcase

    Presidential Seal Business Card Case

  • Clinton Money Clip

    Clinton Money Clip

  • Clinton Key Ring

    Clinton Key Ring

  • BCGoldMenInBox

    Gold Plated Cufflinks

  • BCGoldBoxs

    Gold Plated Bill Clinton Ladies Charm

  • pen_19a

    Bill Clinton Bill Signer Pen

  • BCCDClock

    Clinton Desk Clock Gift

  • ClintonRosewoodClock

    Clinton Rosewood Clock

  • ClintonLuciteEletronic

    Clinton Electronic Signature Card.

  • box1

    Clinton Medal Gift with Box.

  • BC97IngMedaBack

    Clinton Inaugural Medal 1997

  • bcaf1cards

    Clinton Air Force One Playing Cards

  • BCLugTag

    Luggage Tag from the Clinton White House

  • BCFlashlight

    Presidential Flashlight Key Ring

  • BCTapM

    Presidential Measuring Tape

  • BCLeatherBookMarkClose

    Beautiful Leather Book Mark

  • BCPewterPlate

    Presidential Seal Pewter Plate

  • BCPewterPresidentialSealCup

    Pewter Cup that has the full Presidential Seal

  • BCGoldBoxs

    Set of White House Cufflinks and Tie Bar Gifts

  • bcknife

    Presidential Seal pocket Knife

  • ClockRoseLucite1

    Solid Rosewood and Lucite Alarm Clock

  • BCTripShirt

    Presidential Trip T-shirt

  • BCTripTowl

    Towel/Place Mat

  • BCSilverFrame

    Silver Plated Picture Frame

  • WHCrystalDome

    Heavy Crystal Paperweight

  • BCMirrorInside

    Clinton Folding Mirror

  • Lincoln  Bedroom

    Rare Presidential Plaque

  • PinClintonVolunteer

    Clinton Volunteer Pin

  • BadgeClintonSS200YearNumber250

    1992 Secret Service Badge

  • ClintonFramewGoldSealSmall

    Gold Presidential Seal Frame

  • BadgeClinton1993MetroPoliceDC

    1993 Inaguration Badge

  • BadgeClinton1993CapPoliceStara

    Capitol Police Badge

  • 12212 new photos, pres 030

    Bill Clinton Golf Balls

  • 12212 new photos, pres 038

    Bill Clinton Signed Golf Shoes

  • 12212 new photos, pres 098

    Bill Clinton’s Custom Made Titleist Presidential Seal Golf Clubs

  • 120

    Clinton Vase