China and Glassware

  • SyracuseChinaHouseRepresentativesPlate1

    Syracuse House of Representatives China Plate

  • ColumbinePlate1

    President Eisenhower’s Presidential Plane Dinner Plate

  • ChinaFitzFloyd7Plate

    Reagan Era White House Plate 7 1/2″

  • ChinaFitzFloydBowlOctSmall

    Reagan Era White House Bowl 5″

  • ChinaFitzFloydBowlOctLarge

    Reagan Era White House Bowl 7″

  • ChinaFitzFloydBowl5.5Small

    Reagan Era White House Bowl 5 1/2″

  • ChinaFitzFloydBowlHandles

    White House Soup Bowl and Plate

  • ChinaFitzFloydNapkinRings

    Reagan Era White House Napkin Rings

  • CampDavidChinaSugarBowl

    China sugar bowl from Camp David

  • White House Gold Trim Cup & Saucer1

    Presidential Coffee Cup and Saucer

  • ChinaPlateEagleMintons

    China Plate 1

  • ChinaBowlEagleTHeodore

    China Plate 2

  • ChinaShieldGoldRim

    China Plate 3

  • Sequoia

    Presidential Ashtray from the Presidential Yacht

  • ChinaVPBowl

    Vice President China Bowl

  • ChinaCupandSaucerSecofDef

    Secretary of State Cup and Saucer

  • ChinaPlateStateDepPickard

    Pickard China Plate

  • ChinaPlateStateDepSyracuse

    Syracuse China Plate

  • ChinaPlateLargeEagleBestChina

    Large Eagle Best China Plate

  • ChinaVPPlateBlueRim

    Vice President China Plate

  • ChinaPlateCampDavid

    Camp David Plate 1

  • ChinaPlateCampDavidSmall

    Camp David Plate 2

  • IkeBirthdayPlate

    Ike Birthday Plate

  • RRBlueCupBack

    Reagan Cobalt Blue Presidential Seal Coffee Cup

  • RRCobaltWineglass1

    Cobalt Blue Presidential Seal Wine Glass

  • ReaganMugBitburg

    Reagan Beer Mug

  • CampDavidWineGlass1

    Camp David Wine Glass

  • AF1GlassClear2SidedBack

    Double Rocks Glass from AF1

  • rrjar

    Frosted Jelly Bean Jar

  • rrglass

    Presidential Seal High Ball Glass

  • ReaganFrostedHMX1Glas

    Frosted Double Rocks Glasses

  • 5prezplate

    Crystal Tray from the Reagan Library Opening

  • BCBurgCupBack

    Bill Clinton Amber Coffee Cup

  • BCGreenCupBack

    Bill Clinton Green Coffee Cup

  • CrystalPlateLarge

    Presidential Seal Crystal Plate

  • crystalplate_14a

    Crystal Plate with a full Presidential Seal

  • ClintonVaceBoxed

    Boxed Vase

  • HouseRepBowl

    House of Representatives Bowl